A Ringside Update on the Updated ASTM E 1527 Standard for Phase I ESAs
In this second in LightBox’s ongoing series of webinars focused on the 2021 updates to the E 1527-13 Standard Practice, we will take a deeper dive into the more substantive changes being discussed by the Task Group. Our early December webinar, which drew more than 2600 attendees, provided a broad overview of the sections of the standard being scrutinized. In response to feedback, this March event will provide more insights into specific potential areas of revisions that environmental professionals and lenders/other users of the Phase I ESA standard should be aware of. This panel, drawn from professionals who are devoting time to shape the revisions, will share their valuable insights into how these changes could change, and improve, current practice. As the standard nears completion, it is critical for Phase I ESA practitioners, and those who rely on Phase Is, to stay abreast of potential revisions in order to prepare accordingly for when E 1527-21 is published. For those not involved in ASTM, these webinars are an efficient way to stay up to speed with the latest developments.

Moderator: Alan Agadoni, Senior Vice President, EDR LightBox
• Michael Wolf, National Client Manager, AEI Consultants
• Paul Zovic, President, pz group, llc

Please Note: This webinar will be recorded and shared within 2 business days.
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